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UBA members tour Kisagala Central Forest Reserve

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Nakasongola land ground breaking

On the 26th of March 2019, members of Uganda Bamboo Association (UBA), who are part of the bamboo plantataion establishment initiative, went on a tour of the 500 hactares of land allocated by the National Forestry Authority (NFA) for restoration with a bamboo forest.

The members shared a great moment at Kisagala, and shared ideas on the methodology for planting bamboo & also the management of the proposed plantation.

7 bamboo plantlets were planted six to commemorate the launch of the bamboo forest initiative and one was dedicated to the memory of Sgt. Christine Alalo, a police Officer who died in the ethiopian airways plane crush in March 9 2019.

This event coincided with the church service for the soul of the late police officer at Rubaga cathedral in memory of the said officer.

The discussion at UBA land helped us to unveil the different layers of financial benefits offered by the bamboo plantations as follows:

  1. Carbon Credits
  2. Eco-Tourism
  3. agro- products
  4. bamboo raw materials
  5. bamboo products from value addition

This is in addition to the multidimntional enterprises that can be initiated out of bamboo

Group Photo at NFA katuugo