Uganda Bamboo Association celebrates world Bamboo Day

Uganda Bamboo Association joins the rest of the world to celebrate the world bamboo day, 18th September each year...

UBA members tour Kisagala Central Forest Reserve

UBA members visit Kisagala CFR and plant ground breaking and memorial bamboo...

Research and training

technology development, bamboo knowlegde transfer, and skills development, bamboo data center management...

Membership and Networking

creating networks for bamboo development in Uganda...


    Uganda Bamboo Association seeks to bring together interested organizations and community members to share information, resources and technology in growing and adding value to bamboo in order to boost national wealth and improve ecosystem health. The Association has been conceived at a time when bamboo is recognized as a factor for green economic growth, trade and poverty reduction...Read More


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    UBA is a community led initiatve which seeks to bring together both individuals and corporations who are engaged in or are interested in the Bamboo development...Read More

About UBA

  • Who We Are

    UBA is a fully registered Organization operating in Uganda with the sole mandate of promoting the industrial development of Bamboo in the country...Read More