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Uses of Bamboo

David Munaaba 2020-03-05 16:25:47 Uses of Bamboo

The bamboo plant has numerous traditional and modern uses and is therefore considered to be a miracle plant by many societies in the world. There are over 10000 known uses of bamboo wordwide. It has great value as an economic product as well as for the promotion of a clean environment

some of the known uses of bamboo include:

Whole poles
Bamboo poles have excellent properties and can be used for construction, scaffolding, frameworks, and other structural components of buildings. However, for effective utilization of bamboo for poles, the poles have to be properly preserved to extend their life span

Furniture & Crafts
Bamboo poles can be used for making furniture, handicrafts, and irrigation
systems. Chairs, tables, necklaces, earrings, bungles and other ornamental pieces can be easily made out of bamboo with simple hand tools. Bamboo can be split into thick strips (laths) which are then shaped and glued together to form laminated boards, panels, parquet flooring, doors and window frames


Bamboo can be Split into thin strips that are flexible enough to be woven. Broad, thin splits are often woven into mats, which can be pressed together into mat board. Narrower splits are frequently used in weaving handicrafts, furniture, and panels.

Clothes and Paper

Bamboo produces excellent fibre for making paper and high value clothing fabrics.

Food & Fodder
Young Bamboo shoots from certain species make excellent delicacies. In Uganda, The Gishu enjoy bamboo shoots, popularly known as 'Kamalea' or 'Malewa' as a traditional delicacy. Bamboo leaves also make excellent fodder for livestock including cows, horses, and pigs.

Bamboo poles and other bamboo Waste products, including branches and sawdust, can be used to produce charcoal and charcoal briquettes with high carbon content and calorific value. Bamboo charcoal is also highly adsorptive and is often used in purification systems, particularly the sugar industry, and in household odour treatments.

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